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voyants lumineux tableau de bord auto

What do the warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard mean? These light symbols have the role of informing you of any possible problem, whether trivial or urgent.

To guide you in reacting appropriately when necessary, here is an explanatory guide on the meaning of essential cookies to know. Becoming familiar with their meaning can be crucial in the event of an unexpected situation on the road!

What does the orange light mean in my car?

The orange indicator lights on your dashboard transmit information. It can be a reminder (tail lights on, low fuel level, etc.), the signal of a engine malfunction, brake problem, etc.

Unlike the red light which signals an urgent problem, you do not have to stop your vehicle when the orange light comes on. This is not an urgent problem, but a simple reminder. However, depending on the light on, you may need to make an appointment with your mechanic to clarify the situation.

The orange warning lights on your car’s dashboard can be compared to silent sentinels. They are an essential part of the safety and maintenance of your car.

Here is a list of the different orange light symbols that you might find on the dashboard of your car:

fuel indicatorLow fuel light: It illuminates when the fuel tank is almost empty, indicating that it’s time to refuel!

voyant moteurEngine Light : Also called “Check Engine”, this indicates a potential problem in the engine management system.

Traction control light: It indicates that the traction control system is activated to improve the stability of your car.

brake indicatorHandbrake warning light : This light comes on when the handbrake is engaged.

warning indicator tire pressure
Tire pressure warning light: It warns you that the pressure is too low in one of your tires.

voyant phares anti-brouillardFog light indicator: This indicator light indicates that the front or rear fog lights are on. 

speed indicator dashboardCruise control light: This light comes on when the cruise control is activated and running.

voyant lava -windowWindshield washer light: It signals that the windshield washer fluid level is low and it’s time to fill it out.


Red warning light: your dashboard is alerting!

The red warning lights on your automobile are of crucial importance. They report serious or urgent problems that require immediate action.

How to react when a red light comes on on your dashboard?

Here it is essential to react immediately. Find a place to stop your vehicle, turn off the engine and check the owner’s manual to determine the nature of the problem.

Most of the time, it is recommended to call a professional because red warning lights indicate a critical problem with the operation of your car.

The most common red warning lights for a car:

opening indicator HoodHood Open: Indicates that your hood is not closed properly, which may cause impair your visibility if it were to open completely while you are behind the wheel. Stop and close the hood properly. Have it checked by a specialist if necessary.

brake system warning light Brake system : This light indicates a brake problem caused by insufficient brake fluid pressure or too low fluid level. Check the brake and loosen it if necessary. If the indicator light persists, a professional inspection is essential.

voyant huile à moteurEngine oil : indicates that the oil pressure for the engine is insufficient, which could damage it. Stop your car and add oil as needed. Otherwise, get towed to avoid damaging your engine in the event of a major leak.

voyant Liquide Engine CoolantEngine Coolant : This light indicates that there is a lack of engine coolant. cooling or the engine overheats. Stop your car and turn off the engine. When the engine is cold, check the fluid level and add more if necessary. A professional inspection may be necessary to determine the cause of the problem.

auto battery warning lightCharging circuit : This light can indicate that an alternator belt is loose or broken. It may also indicate a problem with the battery or charging system. Turn off the radio, heating, air conditioning, etc. Stop your car and call a tow truck.

voyant cushion Airbag indicator: it signals that the airbag is deactivated. See your dealer or mechanic to fix the problem.

seat belt warning light Seat belt warning light: it signals that a seat belt is not fastened.


What do yellow or green car light signals mean?

Yellow or green light symbols on your car’s dashboard indicate serious problems related to passenger safety.

Yellow lights indicate problems that need attention, but are not necessarily urgent, such as low fuel. The green lights communicate information on the proper functioning of system components such as the headlights or air conditioning.

The most common yellow or green indicator lights:

system indicator light anti-pollutionAnti-pollution system fault warning light: this light indicates that the pollutant emissions control system is not working properly. Consult your garage to have the exhaust system inspected.

warning indicator tire pressureTire pressure warning light: your tire pressure is too low. Inflate your tires as soon as possible or you risk jeopardizing the stability of your vehicle.

orange ABS light
ABS braking system warning light: this warning light indicates that the ABS anti-lock system (or anti-lock braking system emergency) is not working properly. Avoid emergency braking and visit your mechanic.

voyant chaussee slipperySlippery road risk warning light: this warning light comes on when the mercury drops below 4°. It warns you of the possibility of ice on the road.

auto warning light loss of tractionLoss of traction indicator light: This indicator indicates that the traction control system traction detects slipping (or skating). Slow down as you release the accelerator to regain tire grip.

Car warning lights: prevention is essential

Prevention plays an essential role in avoiding seeing the light signals on your dashboard. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, be sure to perform regular maintenance. This includes frequently checking the car’s oil levels, tire pressure, and other key components.

These simple steps will help you minimize unforeseen problems and emergency response needs.

A warning light on your dashboard worries you?

Contact the experts at Trans-Mico Automobile for professional advice in general mechanics or for rigorous maintenance of your vehicle. Your security is our priority!

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