Alignment, Installation and Storage of Tires in Montreal

Quebec roads are tough on cars, they are bumpy, damaged and full of potholes, and thus, accelerates your wheels’ disalignment. Having your alignment or wheel alignment done ensures that all 4 wheels are parallel,  prevents irregular tire wear, prolongs your tires’ lifespan as well as ensures regular and uniform tire wear.

Properly aligned wheels ensures great driving without vibration.

What are the signs that my wheels need alignment?

  • Uneven or rapid tire wear
  • Pulling or drifting away from a straight line
  • Rise in fuel costs - misaligned tire cause friction with the road

Wheel alignment cannot be done on a car with loose or worn front end parts. Our technicians will first check for worn parts and inform you of any problems before beginning the alignment.

The best type of alignment is a four wheel alignment.

What are the signs that my wheels need balancing?

  • Vibration in the steering wheel at certain highway speeds.
  • Vibration in the seat at certain highway speeds.
  • Vibration when changing direction

Most high quality tires will hold their balance fairly well and go out of balance very gradually.

Tire Installation

tire installation, Trans-Mico AutomotiveThe tire installation every season is a guarantee of security and in Quebec, it is the even the law! Or at least, you must have winter tires from December 15 to March 15. Indeed, even if they are called “4 seasons,” winter conditions reduce the adhesion of this type of tire. On the other hand, with autumn and especially summer, the winter tires become less efficient. There are a loss of grip caused by the heat emanating from the roads asphalt.

The change of your car’s seasonal tires will keep you safe in the winter, but you will need to align the tires each time to re-balance them.

The tire balancing will not only allow you to be safe with each tire change, but it will ensure a more even wear on your tires, making them last longer. To have an easy mind during all seasons, change your tires at the Trans-Mico Automative garage in Montreal.

Tire storage service

Tire storage, Trans-Mico AutomotiveOur auto mechanics garage offers tire storage service in Montreal. It’s convenient and you do not have to worry about finding your tires or bring them to the garage for your seasonal tire change. They are already there! In addition, you know that your tires are kept in good condition. This is an ideal tire storage solution if you do not have enough storage space. Need a place to store your tires? Come to Trans-Mico Automotive and you will be sure to have the best tire storage service.
For more information concerning the tire balancing, our brake service and the other car repair services or maintenance for your manual or automatic transmission, contact us.

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