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The experts in manual and automatic transmissions


Both manual and automatic transmission systems deserve attention and regular maintenance. They have the same function, but they operate differently when driving.

Only professional and qualified mechanics should do the delicate work needed on transmissions. Trans-Mico Automotive in Montreal specializes in manual transmission and automatic transmission repairs. When you come to our transmission workshop, you are guaranteed professional and efficient work by our professionals.

Electronics are becoming more and more important in automotive technology and vehicles continuously evolve. Our qualified mechanics are trained to master the most recent techniques and specifications of new American and foreign models, in order to ensure the proper maintenance and care of all mechanical systems.

transmission automatique

Automatic transmission

Automatic transmissions deploy the functions that enable shifting gears automatically. This type of transmission requires regular care, for exemple: a precise level of oil at the right temperature is necessary to ensure proper function.

If you hear unusual noises when the car changes gears, it may mean that your transmission is in trouble. In many cases, electronic components are faulty and repair or reconstruction is required.

The cause of such problems can also be the valve body, which means that this mechanism has to be removed or dismantled completely. Certain problems will require a temporary removal of the valve body in order to replace defective parts.

Manual transmission

Manual transmission means that the driver changes gears him- or her-self. Maintenance is also necessary such as unblocking the fill cap to avoid not being able to fill the oil if it gets clogged.

Faulty manual transmissions generally emit a grinding noise when shifting. This could be as simple of a fix as replacing the synchroniser.

Before deciding on the reconstruction or replacement of the transmission, our certified professionals will inspect each component of your system. Only parts that are damaged or showing obvious signs of wear and tear will be replaced.

transmission manuelle

Trans-Mico Automotive, THE transmission experts

Pleasurable driving starts with a gear box in good condition and an efficient transmission. It is necessary to entrust the maintenance of your parts to an expert mechanic. 

You now know the best place in Montreal to maintain and repair your automatic or manual transmission. Contact the mechanic garage Trans-Mico Automotive, your true transmission specialists.

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