Brake maintenance services in Montreal

Car safety begins with a reliable breaking system. Trust the brake services of our garage located in Montreal. Trans-Mico Automotive offers professional maintenance and repair of anti-lock brakes. Braking system rarely fails, the most common problem is wear of brake components coming with continued use.

How do I know if my brakes are used?

  • If you realize that you need to push harder on the pedal than before it can be a sign that your anti-lock brake system must be examined.
  • If you hear a noise like grinding metal when you brake it may indicate that it is time for the replacement of brake pads shoes or rotors.
  • If your pedal sinks to the floor it may be a problem with the brake fluid probably caused by a leak.

In any case, don’t wait until it’s too late, consult your specialist.

A brake maintenance service made by professionals

To make you feel safe when you drive your car and you have to deal with various situations, this is our mission. Our expertise is at your disposal.

For more information about our brakes services (maintenance, repair, change…), contact our mecanic garage.

Environmental Certification

  • We recycle your battery

Recyclage de batterie

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