Internal and external diagnostics: if there’s a problem, we’ll find it.

We can do diagnostics on your car with our computerized system or through our proven verification system, done by our experienced auto mechanics

Our computerized diagnostic service

Many clients bring their cars in with the impression that they need major repairs, especially when it comes to the electronic system. But thanks to Trans-Mico Automotive’s computerized equipment, they leave our shop with minor repairs done and their car in great condition.

With the advancement of electronic technology, transmission problems are more and more complex to diagnose. Many independant systems can affect other, within the car. Even a radio problem can cause worst problems!

Our computerized diagnostic system includes :

  • A scanner (enables us to retrieve all error codes to detect problems
  • Examination of the computer data
  • Verification of the electronic components
  • Reinitialisation of the computer systemif needed

Our external diagnostic service

Our external diagnostic includes:

  • Fluid inspections can reveal the first signs of wear or damages to the vehicle - the texture and color and smell of your vehicle fluids reveal a lot about your car.
  • Road test to evaluate how the car handles on the road during different maneouvers
  • We look for abnormal noises as well to evaluate your car's performance.
  • Internal inspection: your vehicle is put on the lift so that we can inspect the underside of the car and look for leaks or other problems. When required we may have to remove the transmission pan for detailed inspection so that we can look inside the transmission.

Environmental Certification

  • We recycle your battery

Recyclage de batterie

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