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Regular general maintenance
and oil change

entretien automobile

At Trans-Mico Automotive, your satisfaction is our priority. Let our professionals take care of your vehicle and make sure it is safe and in good running condition. During your vehicle maintenance, let us dispose of your used fluids or your old battery for free: we have Clé Verte environmental certification and recycle batteries and make sure to comply with environmental standards in force.

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The unavoidable oil change

An important part of maintaining a vehicle is changing the motor oil as it has multiple important functions. It has lubricating functions, allowing the various parts to work together without excessive friction, it protects against corrosion and protects the filters from impurities such as dust or particles. Properly maintained the oil will extend the life of your car, reduce your gas consumption, thus reducing your car’s greenhouse footprint.

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The importance of an oil change

Old dirty oil, improper fluid type or mis-gauged levels can cause damages to your motor. Quebec’s difficult weather conditions also affect your oil’s preservation and quality. Depending on the model of the car, the oil change has to be made every 5000 to 12000 kilometers, but other difficult conditions could require more frequent changes.

Thermostat and Coolant maintenance

Did you know that maintenance to your cooling system should be done every two years? To ensure proper operation of the radiator and thermostat, complete draining of antifreeze and coolant is essential. It also prevents the formation of harmful deposits and rust. Radiator problems, such as a radiator no longer able to cool the coolant flowing through it, can lead to serious problems with the engine due to overheating. A problem with the thermostat may have the same result.

Flexible Belts and Hoses Maintenance

There are a large number of belts and hoses in a modern vehicle. The failure of one of them can cause significant problems. For example, the timing belt synchronizes the various pistons and valves running your engine. A serpentine belt can help a variety of systems: water pump, air conditioning, alternator, power steering. Regardless of the type of belts – transmission belt, fan belt, etc. – common problems are the same. Friction, heat and normal wear cause cracks, fraying, and other signs of wear. Generally, it is suggested to change the hoses and flexible pipes and belts as recommended by the vehicle maintenance manual.

Transmission System Maintenance

To prevent problems from occurring with your car’s transmission, consider regular automotive maintenance of the transmission system as well. Among other things, you can change the transmission oil or rinse it.
entretien automobile

Our methods for car maintenance

Automotive maintenance is a priority at Trans-Mico Automotive. During an oil change, we change the filters, check the seals and get rid of the old oil. Whatever the maintenance required for your vehicle, we use the best products to allow your engine to be as efficient as possible. You can also take advantage of seasonal maintenance to have a vehicle diagnostics done and make sure that no problems are present or appears on your vehicle. In addition, for companies, we take care of the management of the vehicle fleet maintenance.

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