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Suspension repair and maintenance
in Montreal

système de suspension automobile

To ensure your safety and comfort, it’s important for your vehicle’s suspension system to be in good working condition. To ensure your safety, to help you avoid losing control of the vehicle and to prevent damage to the vehicle’s components, it’s recommended that you have your suspension system inspected every 20,000 kilometers and that you replace the parts on both sides every 70,000 kilometers.

At Trans-Mico Automotive, we offer excellent suspension repair and maintenance services for all types of automobiles.

Your car's suspension system

Your auto’s suspension system is made up of two main parts:

The role of your vehicle’s suspension system is essential, as it allows the wheels to maintain as much traction as possible. In fact, the suspension helps absorb impacts as you drive (for example, when you go over a pothole or speed bump), ensuring a smoother ride and improving vehicle handling by holding the wheels to the road.

réparation de suspension automobile

Signs of suspension problems

There are several indications of defects and malfunctions in your vehicle’s suspension system. Here are a few of them:

Automotive suspension repair

If you become aware of any of these warning signs, it’s time to visit your automotive specialist. The sooner you fix the vehicle suspension problem, the better, as you’ll avoid potentially worse ones down the road.

Problems with your suspension can result in premature wear and tear and even lead to more serious damage to the rest of the system:

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