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Auto mechanic and car care in Montreal

Automobile maintenance and care must be done by professionals car mechanics. Your experts in Montreal are at Trans-Mico. Our 9000 sq. ft car workshop is dedicated to car maintenance for all brands.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment as well as our certified mechanics who stay on top of the latest advances in automotive care.

changement d’huile
Have your vehicle’s oil, fluids and filters changed regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it could save you a lot of trouble! We can help you.
changement de pneu et alignement des roues
Don’t let your tires wear out prematurely in spots due to misalignment, make sure they’re straight with a computer alignment.
remplacement des freins
The importance of the role of a vehicle’s brakes is obvious, but too often the pedal is left to wear and tear. Be careful, have your brakes checked regularly.

Our auto mechanic services cover all essential aspects of car care

Car care needs vary according to the vehicle’s age, its usage and the time of year. For example, Montreal winters are especially harsh on vehicles and car repairs can be due to the corrosive products spread along the roads.

Preventative maintenance can minimize the chances of breakage or problems with your car.

Our auto mechanic services

The services offered to you at the Trans-Mico automobile garage are comprehensive and cover all aspects of automobile mechanics.

We are car transmission, differential, transfer box and clutch specialists.

We are a CAA recommended garage and we have state-of-the-art maintenance equipment that enables us, among other things, to perform very precise diagnostics. Our extra large shop means that we can offer multiple services like tire changes during high season and we can even store your tires for you! We also hold Clé Verte environmental certification.

garage de mécanique automobile
Garage recommandé CAA Québec
Certification environnementale Clé Verte
garage automobile Trans-Mico Automotive

The Trans-Mico team

Our team is composed of competent mechanics who master the latest technological advances for all types of vehicles: they will zero-in on the problem and fix your car as fast as possible. Thanks to our regular check-in and reminders, you can avoid costly repairs due to neglect.

Our repairs are always completely guaranteed: a useful selling point when selling your car.

Whether your car needs repairs or for regular maintenance, call Trans-Mico Automotive, the car specialist in Montreal. By entrusting your vehicle to our qualifed professionals, your overall costs will be less. Make an appointment today, call (514) 683-0091.

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