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Repair and reconstruction of transmissions and differentials in Montreal

réparation de transmission

Have you noticed a gringing, hissing or other suspicious noise? It’s time to see your Trans-Mico transmission expert.

Transmission repair, the economical choice

Let us advise you on the best solution for your transmission problem : we will explore all options (rebuilt or repair of your manual or automatic transmission) before considering a complete replacement. Seal or o-ring leaks or a problem with the cooling system are often the problem with transmission but the rarely lead to complete rebuilding or replacement. Sometimes a simple transmission flush can smooth out shifts and prevent more serious problems.

No matter what type of transmission : engageable, semi-permanent or permanent, whether it is a an automatic or manual transmission, our specialized  auto mechanics will deliver your vehicle in the best condition possible so that you can enjoy driving again. Our experience and expertise in diagnostic, repair and rebuilt of transmission help us give you the best service in Montreal. Come to our garage and you’ll benefit from our transmission repair service.

Differential reconstruction and repair

Your car’s differential plays an important part in the way that your car holds the road. In technical terms, the differential distributes the rotation speed of the components according to its mechanical system. Don’t wait to have your broken differential repaired!

Consult our expert mechanics to see if a rebuild or replacement of your differential is necessary or if differential repair will fix the problem.

To learn more about our general mechanic services and about diagnostic and manual or automatic transmission repair, contact our team.

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