Muffler and pollution control equipment maintenance

It is important to take care of your exhaust and emission control systems, they play an important part in your vehicle’s overall performance, as well as protects the quality of the air, inside your vehicle and out.

Exhaust System Maintenance

A faulty exhaust system – muffler, exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter – is not only annoying for the noise it makes, but you also use more fuel. A common problem with a muffler and exhaust pipe is rust.

Immobilized for long periods, a vehicle is more likely to be plagued by this problem, because the moisture accumulates on the muffler and the rusting process starts.

Regular inspection of the exhaust pipe, the exhaust manifold and silencer is important to avoid problems.

Emission Control System Maintenance

We tend not to think about it, but the emission control system of your car plays a very useful role. In addition to reducing noise and the emissions harmful to the environment produced by your car, it prevents your vehicle to fill with dangerous gases.

If your check engine light keeps lighting up, it is important not to ignore it. This could be a problem with your emission control system and your oxygen sensor, for example.

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