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Trans-Mico Automotive:

Your mechanic in Pierrefonds, Montreal

garage Trans-Mico Automotive - Transmission et mécanique
Garage recommandé CAA Québec
partenaire Avantage Plus
Garantie V.C.
Protection automobile
Certification environnementale Clé Verte

Trans-Mico Automotive (a.k.a Sako Transmission) specializes in the repair and overhaul of transmissions, differentials and transaxles for all types of vehicles, since 1979. With state-of-the-art equipment, in a 9,000 square feet facility in the west end of Montreal, we employ a team of dedicated, skilled and certified technicians, who are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

We continuously invest in the development of our skilled workforce to ensure they remain updated with the latest automotive technologies, as well as invest in new equipment to better meet the changing needs of our customers.

  • We are a CAA approved auto repair service shop
  • Option of 3 year warranty on most rebuilt transmissions
  • We are an Avantage Plus & Garantie V.C. partner
  • Clé Verte Environmental Certification
Dedicated team of mechanics

At your service
since 1979

Trans-Mico Automotive:

Our warranty and customer commitment can be summarized in two words: quality and service.

How do we describe quality and customer service? The advanced skills and experience of our technicians allow us to provide impeccable work. Constantly updating their skills, our technicians follow all of the popular developments in the transmission and car repair industry.

As technologies evolve, we assure that our staff constantly updates their knowledge and understanding of the transmission repair business.

Customer satisfaction is also reflected in our commitment, honesty, efficiency and respect for the guarantees we give. For us, our service does not end when the customer leaves our garage with their repaired car. Instead, we provide ‘mechanical monitoring’; by offering a verification visit two weeks after the repair.

With the CLÉ VERTE environmental certification, offered to approved garages, we value and respect the environment impact of our garage and are compliant with environmental measures required to be approved a CLÉ VERTE authorized transmission garage. We recycle waste liquids such as transmission oil, as well as some parts such as filters.

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