At Trans-Mico Automotive we understand that a well fonctionning automatic or manual transmission is  key to pleasurable driving.

nous sommes conscients que le bon fonctionnement de votre transmission automatique ou de votre transmission manuelle est l’une des clés du plaisir de conduire.

Signs that don’t lie

Here are a few signs that tell you your transmission needs some care :

  • Automatic transmission makes strange noises when you shift gears
  • An ominous hissing coming from the vehicle floor
  • Manual transmission grinds horribly when you change gears
  • Unable to go from one gear to another

A complex mechanism

The transmission box is a complex component that has not ceased to evolve in the past years. Indeed, one needs to know about gears, mechanics and electronics when it comes to taking care of, fixing or rebuilding transmissions. Problems with transmissions can be a driver’s worst nightmare!

But do you really need to replace your transmission ? Maybe not : a good transmission flush, the replacement of certain components or a system repair can often fix the problem at a lesser cost.

Four-wheel drive

There are 3 types of 4 X 4 transmissions and at Trans-Mico Automotive, we are qualified to take care of all of them, as well as regular transmissions. Four-wheel drives can be : engageable (all terrain vehicle), semi-permanent (berlines and front-wheel drive SUVs/4×4) or permanent (berlines and high end SUVs/4×4). Semi-permanent transmission will activate itself when it senses that the front and back wheels are not at the same speed. Permanent 4 X 4 is always activated. Like all other transmission, they also have to be maintained, repaired or rebuilt. Only a specialist will  care for your 4 X 4 and do the repairs needed, giving you, peace of mind.

For tips and tricks on maintaining your transmission, visit our Technical tips page.

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Environmental Certification

  • We recycle your battery

Recyclage de batterie

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