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Entretien transmission automobile / transmission problem

Everything you need to know on how to maintain the transmission of your car

Did you know that the automatic transmission and manual transmission degrade fairly quickly above 88 ° C? Trans-Mico, your automobile service partner, offers you five tips that you must not forget, or else you may break down or cause significant damage that will cost you a lot.

1. Lack of reactivity of the gearbox (automatic transmission and manual gearbox)

Have you ever been driving your car and experiencing a gear shift problem? Your car hesitates or refuses to change gears? This is an extremely disturbing sign concerning the transmission of your vehicle. Stop your car immediately and call a specialist.

2. Slipping out of gears

It may happen that when you drive, your gearbox goes from the “drive” position to neutral on its own. In general, when this happens, you will hear a thud from the engine. You will feel like your car has trouble speeding up.

3. Transmission leaks

Sometimes when you leave your parking spot, you notice that there are stains under your car. In most cases, this is a harmless spill due to water escaping from the air conditioner, for example. But, if you notice that it is a stain of oil, make an appointment with a car mechanic as soon as possible, because not solving this problem could cause serious damage to your vehicle.

4. Waiting time (automatic transmission)

If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you will certainly go from position “P” to position “D” at some point and then press the accelerator. If a delay occurs where your car does nothing, then it is certainly an indication of a transmission problem.

5. Warning light

The engine warning light on your dashboard is on? If this is the case, then it is advised to see a professional mechanic. He will come to your house and make a diagnosis on site or will ship your vehicle for examination at the workshop.

In case of a problem or doubt

If anything seems odd or unusual, do not hesitate to consult a professional car mechanic workshop such as Trans-Mico to do a maintenance of your transmission.


Simply because there are many parts in your vehicle that are difficult to change. That’s why you need the right tools, a good lifting system and a professional. Among these parts, we can name: brake discs, steering ball joints, clutch, timing belt, automatic transmission, etc.

A checkup will be done in a thorough and complete way on all parts of your vehicle. Among all the different verification, we can cite: verification of lubrication and power systems, verification of fluids, adjustment of electronic components, ignition, exhaust and, of course, the auto transmission as well.

Maintaining your transmission not only helps you avoid damage to your vehicle but also keeps it in good shape for many years. In addition, regular maintenance or quick repairs to sudden problems will save you from making a complete change to your car transmission, which will save you a lot of money. Do you have questions or suspect a problem with your transmission? At Trans-Mico our mechanics and technicians are always there for you. Make an appointment today!

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