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How to choose the right automobile repair shop

Are you wondering which garage you should choose when you need repairs on your vehicle? Considering the high cost of auto maintenance, it’s worth it to make sure you’re well informed before you settle on a particular automobile repair shop. After all, no one likes to pay for unnecessary or sub-standard repairs.

Ask the right questions

When you’re searching for a good garage, the golden rule is to ask the right questions and compare your options. Here are a few examples of questions you should ask:

  • Have the mechanics received recognized training?
  • Are the prices for repairs clearly indicated?
  • Is it possible to get a clear, detailed estimate on the repairs to be done on your vehicle?
  • Does the garage offer a warranty? If so, does it cover parts and labor?
  • If you do business with an independent garage, will it honor the warranty on your vehicle?
  • Are the personnel courteous and dedicated?
  • Have there been any complaints against the establishment?

Look for recommendations

Getting dependable recommendations can make it easier for you to find the ideal garage. You can check with organizations like CAA-Quebec or the APA. The latter has a list of trustworthy automobile repair shops, and you’re entitled to supplemental guarantees in the event of a problem.

But in general, nothing beats the advice of your friends when they’ve been using the services of a good garage for years.

Put them to the test!

If you want to make sure you’re making the right long-term choice, give your candidates a trial run! Before you entrust a garage with major repairs on your automobile, take it there for routine maintenance. It will cost you a lot less to get the scoop on the quality of their service. Furthermore, if a garage owner recommends major repairs, you have the option of having your vehicle checked first by a specialist that only offers inspection services.

Do business with a specialist

Finally, if your vehicle has a problem that can be resolved by a specialist (transmission, exhaust, tires, suspension, windshield, etc.), it’s better to take the vehicle there than to a general mechanic. You might be able to get good contacts with manufacturers of replacement parts.

Does your car have transmission problems? Trans-Mico Automotive offers high-quality maintenance and repair services for vehicles of every make and model. Contact us to learn more!

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