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Système d’échappement auto / Exhaust system

Exhaust system: 2 signs of mechanical malfunctions

Exhaust system: Malfunction and verification

Have you had problems with your vehicle’s exhaust? Are you wondering if your automobile is in good condition or not? Are you curious or do you want to know more about the different types of problems your vehicle may have? Trans-Mico shows you two easy-to-detect signs of mechanical exhaust system malfunction.

Abnormal hissing when the vehicle stops

Do you hear a hiss coming from the back of your engine or rather from the front of your vehicle?

If so, then it is very likely that you have a creak in the exhaust manifold. A cracked manifold can cause your vehicle to become undrivable. Having small holes or small creaks can be repaired, but if it gets worse, then a replacement must be made.

A hissing noise could indicate the presence of other underlying problems with the engine. This could mean that there is a blockage in the exhaust system and particularly in the catalytic converter or DPF (the particulate filter) on newer diesel models. Leaving this lockup for a long enough period could weaken engine power. It is therefore advisable to service the system as soon as possible.

Slamming noise in neutral

The exhaust system hangs under your vehicle with a number of clips. These can rust and therefore give way afterwards.

If you hear a creaking noise under your vehicle when the engine is idling, then the exhaust may have come loose and fallen off.

How to carry out a visual check?

It is possible to make a diagnosis based on the various sounds emitted from the engine, but a visual inspection of the exhaust is by far the most reliable way to assess the condition of the entire system, from the manifold to the intake pipe. exhaust.

To perform an effective exhaust system check, all you need to do is check the underside of your vehicle.

Easier said than done. You will definitely need the right tools and a lifting ramp.

It is quite possible to buy what you need from a specialist so that the latter can carry out an examination of your vehicle. It is still highly recommended to go see a mechanic specializing in the field, such as Trans-Mico.

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