Automobile suspension: 5 indicators to detect a suspension problem

What is the purpose of the auto suspension?

It goes without saying that the car suspension plays a major role in the efficiency of your vehicle since it allows you to connect both the unsprung masses such as the braking system and the wheels, but also the wheel drive parts.

The suspension of your vehicle also helps absorb the impact between the roadway and your car in order to improve your comfort and that of your passengers, while reducing the mechanical fatigue and excessive wear.

5 signs indicating the wear of your car suspension

  1. Poor Road handling

The shock absorber is one of the important parts of the suspension. It is found above the four wheels and aims at ensuring good contact between the road and the car. In the case where one or more shock absorbers are in a poor condition, you will be able to feel an abnormal bounce of your vehicle body on a bumpy road or instability when cornering.

  1. Risk of hydroplaning

When rainy days come, do you notice that your car has a tendency to slip on the road? Be aware that a worn suspension may cause premature tyre wear. One of the main consequences of this wear is expressed by the narrowing of the grooves present on the latter. Thus, because of this reduction in the thickness of the rubber, the tyre is no longer able to evacuate the excess water. The contact surface between the road and the tyre (adhesion) becomes minimal and the risk of hydroplaning increases enormously especially if you brake, steer or accelerate.

  1. Reduced comfort

The more the car suspension is damaged, the less stable the car is and the more uncomfortable the occupants will feel. Among the reasons for the reduced comfort in the vehicle as a result of the wear of the suspensions, mention may be made of:

  • Hearing an abnormal snap
  • Hearing creaking or knocking noise when slowing down or turning.
  • Feeling bumps and holes on a road
  • Hearing a bang at the suspension parts
  1. Dangerous braking

Due to the rapid wear of the tyres caused by the suspension, it is difficult for the car to be stable on all types of roads and the loss of control becomes very large.

For example: When braking on a wet road, a gravel road or in a bend, the car may understeer at any moment.

  1. Abnormal oil leak around the shock absorber

In the case where there is presence of oil around the shock absorber, we can say that it is likely that it is inoperative due to a faulty seal.

If your shock absorber is completely drained of its liquid, then you will be forced to replace it with a new one.

There exist a large choice in suspension parts. Of course, the original parts are a guarantee of quality. On the other hand, we must know that there are several independent manufacturers such as our garage Trans-Mico who are able to make replacements, repairs of your problems or sell you suspension parts of equal quality or even superior to original ones. For more advice or more information, do not hesitate to contact us.