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air climatisé d'auto qui ne refroidit plus

Finding a repair shop when your auto air conditioning stops cooling

Have you recently noticed that your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t getting cold anymore? Don’t wait to get it fixed. With the approach of the beautiful days of spring and the summer heat yet to come, it’s best to find a repair shop for your automobile’s air conditioning system as soon as possible.

Staying cool in your vehicle shouldn’t be the only reason for getting the repairs done. The air conditioning system is actually an important element that, in addition to providing comfort while you drive, ensures your safety by evacuating excess humidity inside the passenger compartment, thus preventing your windows from fogging up. Therefore, it must be functional and efficient.

Air conditioning: a complex system

Air conditioning is an elaborate, complicated system made up of several different types of components, including mechanical parts and heat exchanger parts that transport pressurized refrigerant. The following are examples of these components:

  • Liquid refrigerant (R134a, R22 or, more recently, R1234yf), which transports heat through a circuit that passes through various elements
  • A condenser, which cools the liquid refrigerant by evacuating the heat
  • A compressor, which creates a pressure exchange
  • A regulator, which measures and controls the pressure of the liquid refrigerant
  • An evaporator, which conducts the heat toward the liquid refrigerant
  • A receiver drier, which removes moisture and dirt from the liquid refrigerant

How to find an air conditioner repair shop for your auto

It isn’t always easy to find an automotive air conditioning repair shop. You should always go to a recognized garage for all of your vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Don’t trust garages that offer you a quick fix like replacing the R134a refrigerant by injecting hydrocarbon gas (a derivative of propane) to make your vehicle’s air conditioning system work. Solutions like that prove to be more costly and dangerous than reliable or miraculous!

Instead, choose an honest, reputable garage where they truly care about the quality of their work, where they display the prices for common repairs and where the workshop area is always clean and organized.

Furthermore, the team of professional mechanics that does the repairs on your vehicle’s defective air conditioning system must be capable of performing the following basic operations rigorously and efficiently:

  • Analyzing the performance of the system
  • Topping off the liquid refrigerant in the system in accordance with manufacturer recommendations
  • Plugging any liquid refrigerant leaks and ensuring the impermeability of the entire system
  • Degreasing the surface of the condenser, cleaning it with plenty of water and repairing or replacing it, if necessary
  • Verifying that the compressor clutch works properly and repairing it or replacing it, if necessary
  • Unclogging the evaporator or pressure regulator
  • Replacing the receiver drier

At Trans-Mico Automotive, we’ll perform all of the necessary repairs on your vehicle’s air conditioning system with precision and professionalism. We use only high-quality products to ensure that you receive the best possible service. So if your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t cooling anymore, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our team to get it repaired!

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