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The ABCs of auto maintenance when safety is your priority

For many, adding kilometers to your car’s odometer is a natural, relatively comfortable thing to do. For some, this might even be quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about car maintenance. Often ignored or enthusiastically procrastinated, car maintenance is not only essential to keeping your car in good shape, but vital for ensuring safety. And that’s something you don’t want to be putting off.

Regular general maintenance: why changing your oil is a must

‘Have you changed your oil?’ How many times have you heard this? We’re told over and over again, reminders are put into place and our friendly mechanic says it, in as many ways he knows how. But why is this so important and when exactly does it have to be done?

The answers are quite simple. Motor oil plays several roles when it comes to the mechanical functions of your car. First, it keeps important metal parts from rubbing against each other by lubricating. Second, it protects against corrosion and impurities such as dust and fuel residue, by guiding them to the oil filter.

The oil filter also plays an essential role in protecting your motor by ensuring constant lubrication of moving parts and retaining metal particles that stem from normal usage, as well as dust and other impurities that are present in the oil. Entretien explains this well and because of its important role, we usually suggest changing both oil and filter at the same time.

Why is car maintenance so important?

We all agree that taking care of our teeth is important, right? We use them every day and their health is important to us. For this, we visit the dentist once or twice per year. Same thing for our general health. When our body is invaded by a virus or bacteria, we consult a specialist that will help bring it back to proper, optimal condition. The same thing applies to your vehicle. In order to keep it functioning in the best conditions possible, your car needs regular maintenance. This helps keep parts in best working condition which in turn, ensures your safety. Regular maintenance helps reduce the risk of malfunctioning and protects your vehicle and those riding in it. Not sure? It’s a known fact that running a car with a used oil filter can seriously affect how your motor functions and ultimately lead to complete breakage.

When and where should I get an oil change?

As mentioned above, used oil and filters can wreak havoc on your car. Quebec’s difficult and ever-changing weather don’t help preserve the quality of your oil. Most oil changes should be made every 5000 to 12000 kilometers, depending on the model of your vehicle. You may be savvy when it comes to cars and change your oil yourself. This is fine, as long as you bring your used oil to a specialized center that will dispose of it in the best environmentally-friendly way. If mechanics aren’t your thing and the thought of lifting the hood gives you a headache, visit your nearest professionals. Equipped and knowledgeable, they’ll do the job right, at a fraction of the time it would take a well-meaning friend or family member.

Your car is a big investment and an important part of your everyday life. You need it to last. Regular maintenance will extend your vehicle’s life and protect you and those you bring along for the ride. Trans-Mico Automobile. is available to help you at all times. Call us or stop by. We’re healthcare for your car.

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