8 tips to take care of your car during winter

Of course, the best way to protect your car is to put it in the garage, unfortunately not all cars have the chance to relax in a cozy and warm place. Trans-Mico will give you 8 tips to protect your car during winter!

1. Cover your vehicle

In order to protect your car from frost or sun, a tarpaulin is your best option. Maybe you think that putting it on and taking it off is a waste of time? You are probably right, but it’s worth it.

2. Protect your windows and windshield wipers from frost

Your windows and wipers don’t like frost. To keep them in good shape, it is advised to mix anti-freeze with your washer fluid. You can also clean them with alcohol or demineralized water and white vinegar to prevent frost from sticking.

3. Don’t let your tank empty or near empty

In winter, you should not leave your tank empty, because air charged in humidity can penetrate it. This air contains water, the number one enemy of the injection system especially for recent diesel engine. For time to time, don’t hesitate to use a cleaning product for the injection.

4. Use glycerin

Glycerin is an unfailing ally for the rubbers of your car, it preserves them from the cold, against contraction. You can put some on the door seals and in the lock to avoid frost.

5. Keep a close eye on the tires

Because of low temperatures, the pressure of the tires is low. It is advised to check it every day. You can also slightly over inflate your tires to prevent this problem.

6. Warm up the engine before leaving

You need to warm up your car, just like every athlete, for at least 5 to 10 minutes to reach the ideal temperature to make everything work and eliminate premature mechanical problems.

7. Look out for rodents

Whether you live in a city or the countryside, the problem stays the same. You think rodents are cute, adorable or ugly, well they think they are going to eat the electric cables in your engine compartment. To avoid this, Trans-Mico advise you to use repellent spray to scare them.

8. Taking care of the body of the car

Leaving your car outside is always risky. In summer and in winter, your vehicle might suffer.

– In summer, acid rain is charged in sand which stay suck all over the car.

– In winter, humidity can create rust and when slat melts it can attack the paint.

Trans-Mico advise you to regularly clean the body of your car and apply anti-rust treatment in winter.